Meet the Designer

My name is Olesya Dibrova, founder of ADEENA Jewelry and I am so excited to welcome you into a world of style, exquisite beauty, and elegance. 

As the creator of ADEENA jewelry I want you to feel confident, fearless, and stunning from your soul to your skin. To embrace the powerful diva that exists within you. Wherever you stand in the world. 

A passion for creating jewelry amplified through my travels. Experiencing the world through cities teeming with contrasts of culture, fashion, and style, my love was born for elegance and comfort. Exploring the world less followed, I envisioned a jewelry line to highlight the individual spirit of every woman. In creating ADEENA’s range, I have personally illustrated a need to express one's own desires, beliefs, charisma, attitude, and self-appreciation. 

ADEENA was inspired by the arrival of my second daughter Adina in tribute to the unique charisma she holds, that we all hold, and the incredible feminine power that exists within us as a whole. 

I’m surrounded by an amazing team of people who have truly become the heart of ADEENA and I am so thankful to have such support, friendship, and talents to help grow this jewelry line. 

My deepest thanks go out to you for believing in the art we produce and the beauty it captures. Your support means the world and I feel blessed to know it is just the beginning of a long and rewarding journey that will ignite us all with much passion…