Your ADEENA jewellery is made of high quality 925 recycled sterling silver.

As a natural precious metal, 925 sterling silver reacts to the environment, especially the chemicals in the air and oxygen, sometimes becoming tarnished. Far from being defective, it proves its authenticity and material’s quality. Nevertheless, 925 Silver is a delicate precious metal and deserves special care. To keep your ADEENA piece looking its best, please follow our CARE suggestions:

  • take it off when you are carrying heavy objects or bags, having a shower or washing hands with soap or any other chemicals. 
  • wear it carefully, do not band it, step or sit on it, do not drop it.
  • always protect your jewellery from scratches, chemicals and extreme temperatures.
  • be sure to remove before swimming or near chlorine.
  • avoid spraying perfume directly on jewellery.
  • take care when using lotions or creams as they may cause damage to your jewellery.
  • do not wear during exercise.
  • store your jewellery in a clean dry space. Jewellery microfiber pouch from ADEENA or a jewellery box is a great place to keep your jewellery. Try to keep pieces apart so they do not rub together. 
  • to remove any tarnish, we recommend routinely wiping your jewellery with ADEENA polishing cloth.

Also note that regular wear of your jewellery can also help prevent tarnishing, so we recommend you to enjoy your ADEENA pieces every day.

Love your jewellery and it will be beautiful and safe with you forever.